Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sermon #8

After a short walk, Yaway was carried into a small gathering of beings. They crowded around Him, speaking in hushed tones. After some time, Yaway got fussy, and they began to disperse. The satyr motioned Yaway to follow him as he walked into a small village.

Yaway was led into a small hut where an owl was seated next to a ram reclining on a couch. On the table was the liver of an animal, though Yaway was unaware of what it was.

The owl began to peck at the liver, carefully dissecting it, inspecting the patterns in the lobes. The owl hooted a few times, the ram bleeted, and the satyr gasped, staring gap-jawed at Yaway.

The satyr and owl conversed for a bit, during which time Yaway drank in the surroundings. The small hut had a wall entirely full jars, vials, bottles, glass vessels of every shape, size and color imaginable. The wall behind the owl had shelves with baskets, leather bound books, clay tablets, and a few vases with flowers.

Behind the wall with the ram… where was the ram?

Yaway looked down to see the ram staring up at him. Yaway glanced over to the satyr, who was still engaging the owl in a heated discussion.

“Yah-weh,” he said, timidly.

The ram merely grunted and shook its head.

Yaway busied his eyes a bit longer, and the satyr eventually laid his hand on Yaway and said, “Let’s go,” and motioned towards the door.

Yaway and the satyr made their way through the town, a journey amidst the suspicious eyes of all they passed. Their walk drew the gaze of every animal in the town: squirrels peeking through their windows, foxes knitting on the porch, baby mice peeking out from behind their mother. One and all, they watched.

When the pair entered the wooded wilderness, the satyr stopped Yaway and stood in front of him.

“You won’t understand me yet,” he said. “But I have been charged with educating you. My name is Kyron.” He pointed his finger at himself, “Kyron.” He then pointed at Yaway, “Yaway.”


Kyron led his pupil back down the path, past an apple laying in the road, and when it was getting nearly dark, Kyron turned off from the dirt path and walked some ways into trees and up a slope, until they came to a cave.

Kyron hurried about, putting things in order, clearing a place on the floor and laying out a blanket. By the time the darkness of night had fallen completely, Kyron had laid Yaway down to bed.

“Tomorrow, we set about teaching you to speak.”

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