Monday, February 21, 2011

Sermon #5

I cannot post on even numbered days, and I cannot post on Fridays. Those were my instructions.

It’s odd, walking around and seeing people who cannot see me. They aren’t bumping into me because they think I’m invisible, they just have no way of knowing who I am. I suppose I don’t know who they are either, but how many people really have a lot going on? Most seem to just be rushing from one pointless obligation to the next.

Perhaps my obligations are pointless, too. Perhaps each of our lots in life seem entirely important to each of us, while seeming to be empty gestures to those around us. Maybe nothing we do is important, and that it is merely important that we do something.

The gods are always busy, which might be why they are so hard to contact. I sometimes go days or weeks without speaking to the one I am looking for, even though I know precisely where to go, what to do, and how to ask for them. Even then, they seem too pre-occupied to truly give me their time. I seem more of an afterthought.

Then again, I am nothing but a tasty morsel, and they are gods.

What would you do if you were alone in the world? Would you know you were alone? How could you? Wouldn’t you only know that which you had seen? Would you go looking?

I don’t know if anyone would simply curl up and die if they thought they were alone. Maybe some would, initially, but imagine how boring it would be. I think one would be forced quite quickly to go searching for someone… or something.

The world of the gods is nothing like ours. Scratch that, it’s similar, and it may appear on the surface to be quite alike… though even the surface itself is fundamentally different. The world of the gods is not round, like our Earth. It is flat.

This is not to say there are no mountains or valleys, merely that if you were to walk in one direction from the beginning of time until the end of the universe, you would continue to get further and further from where you started. Their world is boundless and infinite.

This world has many names, and in it are many places you have likely heard of in mythology, or even seen in your dreams. Many places appear similar to lands here in our world, while others are so fantastical that your eyes might bleed if you were to gaze upon them.

All in all, however, it is merely another world, one which is governed by different laws, laws regarding both natural physics and individual action. I am no scientist, so I cannot elaborate with specifics, but you or I would be utterly confused by this Other World.

And that’s what I have come to call it: the Other World. Layered within our own existence, like different radio frequencies transmitted in the same place, our tuners only pick up one world, this one. With a little help from the gods, spirits, daemons, jinn, angels, or others… we can briefly get static ridden, choppy, and incomplete access to the Other World.

If you were alone, would you reach out to the first being that answered your panicked cries?